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Lost Time - Chapter 1
Drew POV:
It was summer. The streets of my hometown were very empty, which was odd for such a wonderful summer day.The scent of freshly cut grass filled the air, and sunlight was shining through the perfectly trimmed elm trees whose leaves hung above us. Houses lined the streets, each one as perfect and impeccably cared for as the last. Far away, the sound of other children could be heard playing. The noise barely reached my ears, because this was a sad day. My momma had just gotten a call from my daddy, and he was being transferred across the world to Europe. That meant that my momma and I would have to go with him. Which also meant that I would have to leave behind my best friend and neighbor, Nolan. I sat outside of our house, on the curb, trying to focus my thoughts on anything other than the fact that I would probably never get to see Nolan again.We would be moving in a week, and I had to find a way to tell him without crying.
“Hey! Drew, what's wrong?” A voice
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Rhythm: Chapter 11, Part 2
Rhodes POV:
I watched as Zane walked away in the opposite direction of us, my eyes lingering on his back.
“Rhodes!” Strike called, causing me to turn my head towards where his voice was coming from.  Strike motioned with his thumb towards the group that was rapidly moving away. I jogged up to the group, trying to catch up.
By the time I caught up, the others were already talking happily as if they had known each other for years. Even the small girl, Rebecca, was smiling softly. But, the boy from last time, Caleb, still looked very preoccupied and distant.
"So" Strike said, clapping his hand on my shoulder, "how have you and the boyfriend been?" I chuckled, punching Strike in the side gently.
“We are fine.” I said, “How bout you? Any big revelations?” He shrugged, and it seemed like that was going to be the best answer  I would get out of him.
We picked a small restaurant not far from the studio, all eight of us trying to fit into the small corner boo
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Mature content
Rhythm: Chapter 11, Part 1 :iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 5 6
Rhythm: Chapter 10
Rhodes POV:
I woke up the next morning, extremely groggy. My arms were wrapped around Zane’s torso, his body facing away from me. I felt his chest rise and fall with every breath he took.  I sighed softly, tightening my arms around him.
The previous night, I i confessed my love to Zane. I was sure that I was going to be rejected, but he accepted my feelings, and even returned them.  I was surprised that he actually accepted me, although he did hesitate slightly. Then after a short talk, Zane asked if he could spend the night. Nothing too serious happened, we watched a movie together, and the younger man never left my side. He would occasionally turn to me, a small, shy smile on his face. After our movie was over, I decided to go to bed, and we slept next to each other, the younger man never leaving my arm as I left small kiss marks on his almost transparent skin.
I returned from my thoughts, smiling down at my sleeping lover. A soft moan escaped his lips, his body adjus
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WIP: New OC - Adriel by FallenRavenn WIP: New OC - Adriel :iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 3 2
Rhythm: Chapter 9
Zanes POV:
Rhodes still looked angry from the meeting with that mysterious man. I think his name was Jaden. It had already been an hour, and we were almost done with our practice. I wonder why he had looked so angry when Jaden tried to talk to me. Was he jealous? Nah, that’s impossible. I know he doesn't love me the way I love him. I am in love with Rhodes. Since when have I felt this way about him? I didn't even notice it happen. My mind continued to wander through the possibilities of why Rhodes reacted the way he did.
“Since both of you are zoning out today,” Strike practically yelled, snapping my attention back to my surroundings. It seems like he was annoyed.
“Let’s call it quits for today. Remember to practice for the competition. The song order we used tonight is going to be the order for the competition.” I nodded at Strike’s words and unplugged my bass, letting out a small sigh of relief.
“Hey, Zane.” I heard Rhodes deep, s
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Rhythm: Chapter 8
Zanes POV:
Rhodes clung onto me as I rubbed his back gently. I could feel warm teardrops fall onto my shirt as Rhodes took a deep breath in. I lowered my head down next to Rhodes’ ear before whispering to him gently.
“It going to be okay, I’m here for you.” I felt his grip on the back of my shirt tighten.
Rhodes stood up straight and released my shirt, regaining his composure.
“Come on, go sit down, I’ll go get you something to drink.” I walked with Rhodes to the couch slowly. He sat down with a heavy thud and leaned his head off the back of the couch. I stared at the older man for a few seconds before proceeding out of the room to the kitchen. I reached to the nearest cabinet and opened it to find an array of mismatched glasses. I picked up one of the cups and started to fill it with cold water. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t wipe away the image of the hurt on Rhodes’ face. She really didn’t deserve him. He was too kind f
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WIP: ZxR - Can I Hug You? by FallenRavenn WIP: ZxR - Can I Hug You? :iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 1 0
Rhythm: Chapter 7
Rhodes POV:
It has already been a week, but Zane wouldn't answer any of my calls.  I have tried texting him, I even went to his apartment, but no one ever answered. I opened my phone and tried to call him again. I shifted on my couch, trying to get comfortable as the waiting tone rang in my head. Why isn't he answering? A soft click ran on the other end of the line, and I heard a soft, hoarse voice let out a gruff grunt as a greeting.
"Hello, Zane? It's me, Rhodes." I heard a small intake of breath, as if the person on the other end of the phone was surprised.
"Zane? Are you there?" I repeated, concerned.
'Y-yeah. Sorry, I've been sick for the last couple of days.'
"What?! Why didn't you tell me? I could've helped you!" I practically yelled into the phone.
'Nah, I'm fine.' Zane answered, his voice almost inaudible.
"Are you okay? Your voice sounds horrible..." I felt my chest tightening.
'I'm fine, my voice is a little weak from the cold, that's all.' I adjusted again, feeling concerne
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Rhythm: Chapter 6
Rhodes POV:
After that day, Roxy has started coming to our practice regularly, which is awesome for me, being that I don't get to see her that often.  Balancing work at the talent agency and being in the band was hard enough without having to think about Roxy. Not to mention she has been watching Zane a lot. I wonder if she likes him. I think that they could be really good friends. I let out a heavy sigh, opened my eyes, and sat up with a yawn to get ready for work. Why do I feel jealous when I think about that?
I walked into the bathroom, changed and left my apartment to walk the three blocks to work. I have to focus. Today, they are introducing me to the new singer I will be managing for the next month, which means I will have to meet with my boss.
The building I worked in was very large. And I worked on the tenth floor, the same floor as my boss. I stepped into the small elevator and began the ascent up to my boss's office.  After stepping out of the elevator, I
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Rhythm: Chapter 5
Rhodes POV:
I could remember everything. I pushed Zane down, and forced him to kiss me. Damnit, he must hate me. Maybe he doesn't remember. He was pretty drunk. But then again, so was I. What if it was all just a dream? Yeah. That had to be it. I would never do that to Zane. My head is pounding. How much did I drink last night?
I rolled out of bed, still wearing the clothing from the night before. Was Zane really here? I ran out of my room in a rush, tripping over dirty clothing that littered the floor before I reached the living room. No one was there. Good, it was just a dream. But it felt so real. My face heated up at the thought. I rubbed my hands over my eyes before turning around and heading back to my room to shower. It wasn't real. It was just a dream, and nothing else.
Zanes POV:
Even though i was drunk, I could still remember what happened clearly the night before. After getting drunk with Rhodes, we headed back to his house, and he kissed me. But he was so drunk, he acted as
:iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 7 9
New OCs! :) DrewXNolan by FallenRavenn New OCs! :) DrewXNolan :iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 14 0 RhodesXZane: Don't Tell by FallenRavenn RhodesXZane: Don't Tell :iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 6 3
Rhythm: Chapter 4
Zanes POV:
I looked down at the guitar tabs that Rhodes had given me last week, when I first joined the band. 40 pages in all, the overall packet contained 7 songs. For the last week, I had been practicing the tabs at least two hours a day.  This would be my first practice with the whole band, and I was excited to get started.
"I just don't see why you have to keep your drums in such a small apartment! You'll get evicted if they hear you playing all the time!" I heard Luna's' calm yet flustered voice call from down the hall.
"But it's only a six piece set! I leave my 12 piece set here, and I needed a back-up in case something happened to it!" Strike retorted, "besides, it's not my fault the drums tempt me to play them!"
Luna smacked her forehead, and with a sigh, looked up at Strike, "That doesn't mean you should play them at midnight!"  Strike pouted like a small child before crossing his arms and trudging off.  I smiled at the two before letting out a li
:iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 8 6
Rhodes~ OC by FallenRavenn Rhodes~ OC :iconfallenravenn:FallenRavenn 1 10
Rhythm: Chapter 3
Zanes POV:
The drive to the studio was very short. In the end, I arrived early. I opened the trunk of my car and got out my bass.
"Hello there!" Rhodes yelled to me, jogging out to meet me.  A black shirt covered his torso and a pair of acid wash jeans hung low on his hips. Seeing Rhodes made the dream resurface in my head, causing me to blush.  'This is ridiculous, Zane, you barely know him!'
"Come on, let's go!"  Taking a deep breath in, I followed Rhodes into the studio.
The studio was spacious and homey, despite its rugged outward appearance.  The brick walls of the lobby were covered in graffiti along with signatures from famous bands. The hardwood floors creaked under our feet as we made our way up the stairs. There were many rooms, most of which were vacant. Rhodes walked up to the first door, labeled 'Studio 02', and walked in without hesitation. The door slammed with a soft thud. I looked around the room to see three people staring at me
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-onward my magnificent steed- by mr-rukan-san -onward my magnificent steed- :iconmr-rukan-san:mr-rukan-san 140 17 the master---- by mr-rukan-san
Mature content
the master---- :iconmr-rukan-san:mr-rukan-san 119 39
.Free Falling. by mmmaoh .Free Falling. :iconmmmaoh:mmmaoh 1,515 76 Free! by mmmaoh Free! :iconmmmaoh:mmmaoh 1,911 89 Kuro Tutorial by ko-yamii Kuro Tutorial :iconko-yamii:ko-yamii 417 68 Spiked gears cuff by Pinkabsinthe Spiked gears cuff :iconpinkabsinthe:Pinkabsinthe 5,953 217 Rivaille by lipslock Rivaille :iconlipslock:lipslock 67 14 SIH: Too much sparkles! by Smexy-Boy SIH: Too much sparkles! :iconsmexy-boy:Smexy-Boy 75 18
Mature content
Project L.A.U. 2.0 Chapter 2 :iconcallekdarren:CallekDarren 5 6
Six Steps To Writing A Yaoi Fanfiction
Step One: Characters and Their Roles
First thing you need to know is who the heck you’re even writing about. When picking a couple from any fandom, their canon relations generally don’t even matter in your fanfiction. They could be best friends, worst enemies or complete strangers. Crack pairing? Do it. I’ll get to how the hell it will make sense in a minute. Just choose a hot (or not) pairing already. Once you’ve got a pairing chosen, you just need to decide on their roles in the relationship.
Generally in most boyxboy couples there will be a dominant partner (known as the seme) and a submissive partner (known as the uke). So how do you know which is the seme or the uke? Well, most semes and ukes are identified by the following characteristics;
SEME: Shorter hair, taller, more masculine, smaller eyes, physically stronger or more athletic, protective, older, ‘macho’
UKE: Shorter, longer hair, more feminine than the seme, larger eyes, physicall
:iconredxgreenftw:RedXGreenFTW 104 80
Mature content
Don't Ask Don't Tell: Chapter 11 :iconcallekdarren:CallekDarren 8 5
All City by yuumei All City :iconyuumei:yuumei 36,847 1,231 Underground by yuumei Underground :iconyuumei:yuumei 33,295 1,164 You are my toxic by lipslock You are my toxic :iconlipslock:lipslock 166 22 Eye Process by ko-yamii Eye Process :iconko-yamii:ko-yamii 686 21 Dreams and Diaster by lipslock Dreams and Diaster :iconlipslock:lipslock 1,859 187



Mkaayy... So I was tagged by :iconnikki-chanz:
Here we go >_<!

1. What's your favorite kind of music to listen to?
    I like Rock Music, K-Pop, and J-Pop
2. Last movie you saw?
    I think it was Beauty and The Beast. 
3. What animal would you like to have as a pet?
    I'm not a huge pet person, but if i had to choose I would want a German Shepherd 
4. What's your worst fear?
    I don't know. The thought of running out of yaoi to read scares me. :iconcannotevenplz:
5. Is there someone on the internet you want to meet? (and who)
    I wish I could meet my followers on Tumblr. We could have a party and whatnot. 
6. Last book you read?
7. Favorite website?
    Tumblr and Deviant Art.
8. Favorite food?
9. Are you an outdoor or indoor person?
    Indoors. Incredibly so.
10. Who do you tag? (at least 5 people)
    Oh shit. THIS is the hard part. >_<

1. What are you hobbies?
2. Who is your favorite character and why? (Either Anime, TV, or Manga)
3. What is your dream cosplay?
4. What is your favorite OTP?
5. Favorite Anime?
6. What did you eat last?
7. PC or MAC?
8. What could would you most like to visit?
9. Have you ever watched hentai? If so, what did you think of it?
10. Any goals for this year?

Boom. I'm done. :) 
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